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Science and technology intelligence longjiang industrial development "core power"

Wei Lin, Li Huiying, reporter of our newspaper, sang Lei When it comes to German manufacturing, many people will think of such words as precision, advanced and high technology. However, an enterprise in Harbin, which made the assembly line of radiator for power station, exported its products to Germany with advanced technology, and was invited to do technical upgrading guidance. This enterprise is called Harbin Hongli Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. In 2014, their self-developed pipe piercing machine for power station radiator came out, and won the first (set) Recognition Award in our province. "It used to be all manual work, and it took hundreds of workers to complete a machine. Now we have improved the degree of automation. A machine only needs 5-6 workers." Hongli's staff said that due to the high degree of automation, each equipment costs more than 5 million yuan. At present, it has obtained several orders, and the products are exported to the United States, Germany and South Korea. Hongli is only one of the highlights of Longjiang's industrial transformation and upgrading. The R & D capability of our province is becoming the "core power" of enterprise development. The first set rewards those who dare to innovate As a major province of equipment manufacturing industry, in order to boost the industrial transformation and upgrading of the whole province, our province issued the first set of incentive support policies in 2009. According to the regulations, regardless of the state-owned enterprises and private enterprises, as long as the declared products pass nine "hard bars" such as "starting with the first unit price of 500000 yuan", "national leading technology" and "one enterprise reporting one set (set)" within one year, the qualification can be obtained. Since 2010, up to 2015, 156 first (set) products have been identified, and 122 enterprises have received a total of 199 million fund awards. Wang Yu, director of the science and Technology Department of the provincial industry and Information Technology Commission, said that after the implementation of the first set (set) policy, the innovation enthusiasm of enterprises in our province has been greatly promoted. There is not only a reward policy, but also an annual press conference of the first set (set) helps enterprises with innovation ability expand their popularity. In 2015, the Ministry of industry and information technology of the people's Republic of China, the Ministry of Finance and the CIRC jointly launched the pilot work of insurance compensation mechanism for the first set of major technical equipment, and made institutional arrangements on the risk sharing of users' ordering and using such products. This is an important measure to play the decisive role of market mechanism and accelerate the development of major technical equipment. The user will benefit from the insurance contract signed by the enterprise and the insurance company. The government will subsidize the premium of the eligible insured enterprise to reduce the user risk. (continued to the Fourth Edition) (continued from the first edition) in order to promote more innovative products to enter the market as soon as possible, the Guiding Catalogue of the insurance compensation mechanism for the first (set) major technical equipment will be expanded and updated every year. Our province will actively strive for more products to be included in the catalog, and constantly expand the scope of policy benefits. Build a platform to help high-tech military products transform into civilian use Gas turbine is the traditional advantage industry of our province. To mention it, 703 Research Institute of China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. This scientific research institute, which was originally devoted to cultivating military products, has been involved in the upsurge of "military to civilian" in recent years. The gas turbine Industrial Park, which is separated from 703 Research Institute, is jointly built by our province, China shipbuilding industry group and 703 Research Institute, aiming to actively promote gas turbine in the civil field. Now, the gas turbine developed and produced by 703 Institute has been applied in PetroChina natural gas transmission pipeline and CNOOC drilling platform power station, and has obtained more than 1 billion yuan of orders. The python all terrain vehicle designed and developed by Harbin First Machinery Group Co., Ltd. is famous for its strong passing ability, which can realize the actions that single car can't complete such as pitching and snake twisting, as well as the advantages of high obstacle crossing, wide trench crossing and large slope climbing and downhill. Now, Harbin Yiji group is building a mixed ownership company around Python all terrain vehicle products to promote the development of civil industrialization of advanced military scientific and technological achievements. Zhao Jian, the military civilian joint office of the prov
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Automatic production of air cooled intercooled radiator

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At present, the intercooled air cooling island is composed of a large number of basic heat dissipation tubes of the same specification. The product quality, material consumption and production means of this kind of heat dissipation tube bundle are the main decisive factors that directly affect the manufacturing cost, maintenance cost and delivery time of the air cooling island. In order to achieve this goal, the unit length of air cooling unit has been developed to 6-10 meters, and the number of aluminum tubes per unit has increased from 40 to nearly 100. The traditional production method has been difficult to adapt to the large-scale radiator specifications. Frequent manual operation has caused uncertainty to the quality of this large-scale product. With the increasing proportion of labor cost in the total cost, eliminating manual operation and using efficient and accurate automatic intelligent assembly line has become the general trend of the industry. This kind of large-scale radiator production line is mainly composed of several large tonnage 4-point high-speed punching machines and a set of radiator tube piercing and expanding production equipment. The equipment is connected by automatic aggregate transfer vehicle, storage platform and feeding manipulator. At the beginning of the process, the 160t four point automatic high-speed sheet punching machine will press the large coil aluminum strip into fins according to the set parameters, and then it will be collected on the automatic aggregate car. After the required number of pieces is reached, the automatic feeder car will automatically exit the aggregate station, and the other empty one will be quickly replenished. The fully loaded automatic aggregate car runs along the set route to the storage platform, and is transported to the storage platform by the elevator. The fin piercing mechanism on the assembly table runs to the corresponding position of the storage table, takes out a group of fins, automatically loads them into the reinforcing plate, turns it over 90 degrees and then puts them into the predetermined position. According to this action, after repeatedly installing 6-9 groups of fins, the radiator size is locked. The aluminum tubes in the aluminum tube storage bin are evenly arranged on the aluminum tube layout platform by the aluminum tube layout mechanism, and then pushed into the tube guiding mechanism on the assembly platform by the pipe pusher, and the aluminum tube can smoothly penetrate into the preset fin group. The whole assembly table moves to the position of the expanding mechanism to complete the automatic tube expanding operation. Finally, the manipulator will remove the positioning device and inform the crane to take out the finished products. In order to balance the process rhythm of the whole pipe piercing and expanding production line, the assembly line adopts two assembly worktables, two pipe piercing equipment and one pipe expanding mechanism, which greatly improves the utilization rate and production efficiency of the equipment. The whole production process of Intercooled large-scale radiator tube bundle only needs 1-2 personnel to monitor, which truly realizes the full-automatic production. The product has no scratch, no rewind, and small specification error. It is estimated that 4-5 cooling tube bundles will be produced per hour if the pipe bundle is 9-90 tubes. The efficiency and quality are far higher than the traditional manual tube expanding method. Feng Liangbi, chief engineer of Harbin Hongli Machinery Co., Ltd
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