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Automatic production of air cooled intercooled radiator

At present, the intercooled air cooling island is composed of a large number of basic heat dissipation tubes of the same specification. The product quality, material consumption and production means of this kind of heat dissipation tube bundle are the main decisive factors that directly affect the manufacturing cost, maintenance cost and delivery time of the air cooling island. In order to achieve this goal, the unit length of air cooling unit has been developed to 6-10 meters, and the number of aluminum tubes per unit has increased from 40 to nearly 100. The traditional production method has been difficult to adapt to the large-scale radiator specifications. Frequent manual operation has caused uncertainty to the quality of this large-scale product. With the increasing proportion of labor cost in the total cost, eliminating manual operation and using efficient and accurate automatic intelligent assembly line has become the general trend of the industry.
This kind of large-scale radiator production line is mainly composed of several large tonnage 4-point high-speed punching machines and a set of radiator tube piercing and expanding production equipment. The equipment is connected by automatic aggregate transfer vehicle, storage platform and feeding manipulator.
At the beginning of the process, the 160t four point automatic high-speed sheet punching machine will press the large coil aluminum strip into fins according to the set parameters, and then it will be collected on the automatic aggregate car. After the required number of pieces is reached, the automatic feeder car will automatically exit the aggregate station, and the other empty one will be quickly replenished. The fully loaded automatic aggregate car runs along the set route to the storage platform, and is transported to the storage platform by the elevator.
The fin piercing mechanism on the assembly table runs to the corresponding position of the storage table, takes out a group of fins, automatically loads them into the reinforcing plate, turns it over 90 degrees and then puts them into the predetermined position. According to this action, after repeatedly installing 6-9 groups of fins, the radiator size is locked.
The aluminum tubes in the aluminum tube storage bin are evenly arranged on the aluminum tube layout platform by the aluminum tube layout mechanism, and then pushed into the tube guiding mechanism on the assembly platform by the pipe pusher, and the aluminum tube can smoothly penetrate into the preset fin group.
The whole assembly table moves to the position of the expanding mechanism to complete the automatic tube expanding operation. Finally, the manipulator will remove the positioning device and inform the crane to take out the finished products.
In order to balance the process rhythm of the whole pipe piercing and expanding production line, the assembly line adopts two assembly worktables, two pipe piercing equipment and one pipe expanding mechanism, which greatly improves the utilization rate and production efficiency of the equipment.
The whole production process of Intercooled large-scale radiator tube bundle only needs 1-2 personnel to monitor, which truly realizes the full-automatic production. The product has no scratch, no rewind, and small specification error. It is estimated that 4-5 cooling tube bundles will be produced per hour if the pipe bundle is 9-90 tubes. The efficiency and quality are far higher than the traditional manual tube expanding method.
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