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WZF44024D Semi-automatic Large Radiator Assembly Line

Product description

The production line is a large semi-automatic production device mainly developed for the production of AC (air-cooled) type power station used Forgo radiators massively. It has the features of high production efficiency, good quality, less labor, low labor intensity, good safety, small footprint and easy on-site management.

1. The production line connects the assembly workbench, tube poling mechanism, fin joining machine, tube leading mechanism, tube expander and other machines totaling ten or more cleverly to achieve the semi-automatic production of large radiators.

2. Trolley type centralized mechanism has the fins produced by the punch on the upstream line and the assembly operation of this line realize seamless docking and makes the entire production process smooth and efficient.

3. Electric aluminum tube silos and fin storage platform can meet the materials demands of a production class, which simplifies the field management and ensures the balanced and stable production of the production line.

4. Double production equipment ensures the other set of assembly station continue to run when one set fails to work and avoids suspend production of the whole line in particular cases.

5. Specially designed tube expander avoids mouth expanding or tube cutting, can not only improve production efficiency but also can save a large amount of aluminum tube and have the tube expansion shrinkage percentage less than 3‰。

6. Automatic tube leading mechanism joins all aluminum tubs into the fin team at one time, can improve the production efficiency greatly and liberate labor force.

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